Videre Analytics Ltd. specializes in data analysis, visualization, Large Scale Computing and training in use of related technologies.

We can help you examine your data to find insights to strengthen your business no matter where you are in the data analysis pipeline:

  1. examination of business needs – what are the questions that you would like to have answered?
  2. understanding where your data is – logs, email, databases etc.
  3. computing requirements for analysis and storage
  4. programming for analysis
  5. visualization and communication of insights

Many businesses are accumulating data faster than they can extract value from it. Archiving the data for future use is, in some cases such as financial records, a legal requirement. In other cases, such as logs from web servers, it might be company policy to keep them. In both cases, storage isn’t a simple matter of purchasing a large volume disk from the local technology shop and moving the data onto the new disk. Reliable large volume storage can be quite costly.

Typical IT support groups focus on specific technologies: hardware, operating systems, network configuration and software. This specialization allows for efficient use of support resources and reduces costs. Not all tasks can be accomplished with the standard hardware and software systems supported by the organization’s central IT group,  however. Addition of unique resources places a burden on central IT by adding responsibility for unfamiliar systems and activities beyond the scope of the role they are accustomed to. Specialized hardware and software require training that may not be available in your organization. Videre Analytics has experience with operation of specialized computer systems and support of users of those systems. Providing dedicated support for specialized systems ensures effective use of resource which are typically much more expensive than the standard computational systems provided by the organization.

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