About Us

The staff at Videre Analytics have a long history with computing in general, and with particular emphasis on all aspects of data analysis, High Performance Computing and visual data analysis.

Jon Johansson, Ph.D.

Jon is president of a data analysis company, Videre Analytics, and a technology training company, Windsong Training. Jon received a Ph.D. in nuclear physics (theory). After spending time as a post-doctoral fellow, research associate and sessional lecturer. He led the Research Computing Group at the University of Alberta for several years before moving to industry.

Jon has a variety of  experience with High Performance Computing both as a user, and as part of the support team. He has written programs to run on HPC machines, analyzed data generated by the machines, and created visualizations from the data. He has also spent a significant amount of time ensuring that users received effective training to use the systems available to them.

Jon would like to see everyone have access to the computing resources they need, whether large or small and have the training to use those resources effectively.

Denise Thornton, B.Sc.

Denise has been involved with many aspects of numerical, scientific and high performance computing for over 25 years. Duties have included: converting and optimizing client code to run on specialized hardware, system administration for HPC equipment, as well as, supporting, teaching and developing scientific visualization techniques. Her current expertize is in image processing and image analysis. While she does like to develop new algorithms, her real passion is in helping people learn how to use complex technologies.

Waldemar (Wally) Lysz

Wally began administering High Performance Computing systems two decades ago. His experience includes both clusters and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) machines. Wally’s insights on the performance of large systems have proved invaluable in the configuration, evaluation and acquisition of systems.

In his role as Business Relationship Manager, Wally focuses on a consistent, high level of service delivery to clients. His is experienced in managing large IT projects providing infrastructure and services in a heterogeneous environment. Solving issues where multiple vendors and stake holders are involved is Wally’s area of strength.

About the company name

No, we don’t have a “Mr. Videre”. Ignoring discussions of varying transliterations, in Latin, videre means “see”. In Norwegian, the same word means “further”. The idea is that by analyzing data you can gain insights that you didn’t have before, and that is what we are about.