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Denise has been involved with many aspects of numerical, scientific and high performance computing for over 25 years. While she does like to develop new algorithms, her real passion is in helping people learn how to use complex technologies.

Tableau Presentation at UofA Research Data Management Week

We had the great privilege to give a presentation at the recent Research Data Management Week (May 4 to May 8, 2015) hosted by the University of Alberta Library. We had a small but enthusiastic audience for the lunch time presentation: Tableau for Data Exploration and Visualization on May 7th, 2015. The talk gave an [...]

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HowTo – Using Matlab – Count Objects and Find Areas

This How-to applies to Image Analysis. It shows a method of using Matlab to count objects and find the subsequent area of those objects. The following image will serve as an example: The image simply has 4 geometric shapes on a black background. The goal is to count the number of objects and to find [...]

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Follow-up on the Rerun of Image Analysis with Matlab Workshop

The Rerun of the workshop on Image Analysis with Matlab was well attended with a great group of 58 people. As always, we welcome the opportunity to show and teach others the technologies, packages and tools that we use on a daily basis. Feel free to Contact us if you would like to know more [...]

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Image Analysis with Matlab

Videre Analytics is holding a workshop at the University of Alberta on Image Analysis with Matlab on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. This workshop presents principles and methods for analyzing images, including those from x-rays, photographs and tomography. The discussion will focus on using the image processing tool box in Matlab, but the concepts apply to [...]

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Follow-up on the Scientific Visualization Workshop

It has been a while since our workshop in Scientific Visualization with Paraview, but it's never too late for a quick wrap-up. We were pleasantly surprised by the attendance numbers because the workshop was only advertised for about a week. There were 55 registrations through our web page, with a dozen email requests to be [...]

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What is Our View on Big Data?

“Big Data” is a popular phrase these days as large companies have demonstrated the value of analyzing the huge data streams generated by their clients. Passing the data through a suitable analysis environment creates more business opportunities and fosters growth. The definition of “Big Data” is flexible, depending on the topic of the article you [...]

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A New Tutorial: Fixing Models for 3D Printing using Blender

You may have a model that was generated or scanned with software that didn't have 3D Printing in mind.  Now you want to actually print it, but you are getting error messages. What do you do? In many cases, spending some time to edit the model can produce an object that is viable for 3D [...]

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The Visualization Process – It Starts with the Data

A central goal of scientific visualization is to produce a visual entity that maintains the integrity of the underlying data. Whether the final visual is a rendered image for a poster, an animation for a presentation, a model for 3D Printing, images for a web site, figures to be included in a paper, or a [...]

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