A New Tutorial: Fixing Models for 3D Printing using Blender

You may have a model that was generated or scanned with software that didn't have 3D Printing in mind.  Now you want to actually print it, but you are getting error messages. What do you do? In many cases, spending some time to edit the model can produce an object that is viable for 3D [...]

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What is the STL file format?

When you want to print an object on a 3D printer, you will likely find that one option is a file in the STL format. In the Windows operating system, these files will generally have a ".stl" extension. If you've ever wondered what is in these STL files read on ... STL (STereoLithography) is a [...]

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3D printers at the Edmonton Public Library

On February 12th the downtown branch of the Edmonton Public Library opened a new space called Makerspace. The space makes two 3D printers available to the public as well as a variety of other technology  including a large green screen, high-performance computer and design software, robotics kits, a dedicated video gaming area. In addition there is the [...]

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