It has been a while since our workshop in Scientific Visualization with Paraview, but it’s never too late for a quick wrap-up.ParaViewlogo

We were pleasantly surprised by the attendance numbers because the workshop was only advertised for about a week.

There were 55 registrations through our web page, with a dozen email requests to be put on a waiting list. On the day of the event we also had several walk-ins and the total number of participants who showed up reached 82. The lab the workshop was held in had 66 fully functioning work stations. workshopphoto-12prep-1024x764Three stations were used by pairs of participants, so we had a total of 69 people working in the session. We share these numbers in order to demonstrate that our company is capable of reaching out to a diverse community, and provide successful service around the research and high performance computing areas.

We received many very positive comments through our online evaluation form.

Thank you all for attending. We hope you find value in the material.