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We recently presented a workshop entitled Image Analysis with Matlab at the University of Alberta.

We once again had more people registered than seats available in the lab. Sixty five workstations were used, and we currently have a waiting list long enough to warrant another such session in the near future. This followup session is scheduled for May 20 in the same venue. It is gratifying to find this high level of interest in Videre Analytics’ expertise in scientific visualization and data analysis on the University of Alberta campus.

Workshop class

We greatly appreciate the comments we have received through the online evaluation form filled after the workshop. The information gathered shows that more in depth, and longer workshops would be very welcomed. We will discuss this information with appropriate members of the campus community and depending on their answers we will commit to fulfill such a need.

We are happy that we were able to reach a diverse group of participants interested in image analysis. The group represented a number of different faculties and departments, with a range of levels of knowledge and experience in the field. Every conversation we have had with workshop participants and all the feedback we have received we will use to help us in our goal to demonstrate that our company is capable of reaching out to a diverse community, and provide successful service around the research, data analysis and high performance computing areas.

Thank you all for attending. We hope you find value in the material.