Videre Analytics provides consulting in all parts of the data analysis pipeline. This includes business and hardware assessment needs, data consolidation, training, instruction and more. We specialize in High Performance Computing and Visual Analytics.

Large Scale Computing

HPCEcosystem_800x563The computing power of multiple processors can be harnessed to work together on a large problem. This leads to solutions more quickly than possible with single processors. We will help you make use of a single system with multiple cores or a cluster of systems scaling to thousands of cores, whether the system is intended to solve numerical problems, or analyze volumes of text data. Read more about our Large Scale Computing ecosystem consulting services.

Analysis Tools



Analysis of large quantities of data requires large computing resources coupled with sophisticated software. The “V’s” of Big Data are important points to consider when implementing an analysis system:

  • Volume – how much data is there?
  • Velocity – how fast is new data coming in?
  • Variety – how many different formats are there to deal with?
  • Veracity – how is correctness of the data ensured?

Understanding gained through analysis of data creates more business opportunities and fosters growth.
Read more about our Analysis Tools services.

Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is a relatively new field. It is based on information visualization and scientific visualization, and it also encompasses many facets of analytical reasoning and visual interfaces. What we do at Videre Analytics is concentrate on the use of techniques to turn raw data into a visual form that allows for identification of similarities, anomalies or to draw attention to important features. Although useful with data sets of any size, the use of a visual analytics can be especially useful when the data sets are large and unwieldy. Read more about our Visual Analytics services.



We can provide on-site instruction in a variety of technologies related to data analysis and large computer system use. View more about the types of Training we can provide.


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