Data Analysis, Visualization and Other Technical Topics

We provide on-site and off-site training, presentations, and workshops in a variety of technologies related to visual analytics, image analysis, scripting, programming languages and large computer system use. As part of our endeavor to help others use technology our staff members are also available to teach and instruct basic computer usage. If needed we can handle all the organizational details, computational lab equipment check, and the instructional material.

Some of our Courses and Workshops include:

Scientific Visualization With Paraview

Description: This workshop presents principles and methods for visualizing data resulting from scientific measurements and computations. We discuss basic principles of scientific visualization and aspects of successful visualizations. Read more …

Image Analysis With Matlab

Description: This workshop presents principles and methods for analyzing images,  including those from x-rays, photographs and tomography. Read more …

Essential Linux

Description: Linux is an operating system (OS), a program that allows users to interact with, and control, computer hardware. Read more …

Matlab/Octave for Programmers

Description: Matlab is a high level programming and visualization environment designed for numerical computation. Matrices are fundamental data types and their Matlab is designed for efficient matrix computations. Read more …

Fortran for Programmers

Description: Fortran was one of the first compiler computer languages and the first to be standardized. New standards have added programming features consistent with developments in programming theory and practice; however, the focus in Fortran remains to enable efficient numerical computation. Read more …

Visual Analytics with Tableau

Description: Content to the added

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Description: Content to the added

Other workshop titles include

  • Programming with R
  • Data Analysis with R
  • Visualization with R and GGPlot2
  • Python for Programmers
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Python, Pandas and GGPlot

Our Technical Knowledge and Expertise Includes:

  • Working with modular visualization tools:
    • Paraview
    • VTK
    • Avizo
    • AVS/Express
    • Matlab/Octave
    • ViSIT
    • VMD/PyMol
  • Working with various types of data:
    • scientific
    • medical
    • geospatial
    • social sciences
    • humanities
  • Image analysis:
    • ImageJ/Fiji
    • ImageMagick
    • Matlab
  • Parallel programming:
    • Matlab
    • OpenMP
    • MPI
  • Other related concepts:
    • Providing personnel with training and/or development in novel techniques required for the conduct of the research project.
  • Other related technologies:
    • GIS: GIS (ArcGIS and FME)
    • Blender
    • Web: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Videre Analytics also provides training in basic computer concepts through our sister website Windsong Computer Training.

We welcome the opportunity to show and teach others the technologies, packages and tools that we use on a daily basis.

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