Practical Linux

Linux is an operating system (OS), a program that allows users to interact with, and control, computer hardware. Linux is available at no cost. The Linux OS and the suite of GNU software tools provides a powerful environment for many High Performance Computing systems. The system has also been adopted by users as a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows, or Apple’s OS X.

In this session e will focus on a small set of Linuxx commands which will allow participants to

  • connect to Unix systems on which they have accounts
  • create and delete files and directories
  • modify files with an editor
  • examine the file system
  • start, monitor and destroy processes
  • compile programs

Practical exercises will form a large part of the course.

We assume no knowledge of Linux, but it is helpful if participants are familiar with basic computing concepts through the use of Windows or Apple computers.

A popular Linux distribution for people new to the environment is Ubuntu, or its variant Kubuntu.

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