Description: Fortran was one of the first compiler computer languages and the first to be standardized. New standards have added programming features consistent with developments in programming theory and practice; however, the focus in Fortran remains to enable efficient numerical computation.

In this course we will survey features of the Fortran language, focusing on the 90/95 standards but we will note differences between the standards throughout. Participants will solve sample programming problems to reinforce their understanding of the language. We assume that participants are comfortable with serial programming in some procedural language.

If time allows, there will be an introduction to parallel programming concepts for the shared memory architecture using Fortran and OpenMP. The concepts covered will be generally applicable to other languages and parallel programming toolkits.

Some programming experience is recommended for this course.

Who should attend? Clients with an interest in numerical data analysis.

A version of Fortran that is freely available with Linux distributions is GNU gfortran. This is part the the GNU compiler collection. Installation on your Linux machine will be easiest through the package manager of your distribution. This are also builds available for Windows.

Another free Fortran compiler is g95.

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