Interacting with WebGL On This Site

WebGL is a technology that enables 3D rendering in a web browser. The technology is based on Javascript and will use your graphics hardware to render 3D geometry. This technology probably won’t work with smaller devices such as phones.

These objects will have the most functionality when viewed with the Chrome browser. In both Firefox and Internet Explorer the left and right mouse buttons only rotate the view. With Chrome you can:

  • rotate with the left mouse button
  • zoom the view with the right mouse button – grab and drag up and down
  • pan the view with the middle mouse button – the middle mouse button must be configured as a simple button (mouse configuration software may have this set to something else and you will need to set it back)

With all the browsers, F11 puts the browser into fullscreen mode. F11 again exits fullscreen mode.

As an example, an article about STL on the Videre Analytics site has a simple WebGL tetrahedron that you can try interacting with. You can rotate the tetrahedron by grabbing it with a left mouse press and dragging the pointer in the direction of rotation.

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